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If you're looking to build an affordable website for your personal or professional use, you've come to the right place!  We specialize in all aspects of website development.  We will design a website that will showcase your products and reflect your "personality".  We will design your website to satisfy you and your needs as if it were our own website. 

We offer the following website services

Website design - we design and maintain for you. 
Merchant- wholesale and/or retail with ecommerce shopping cart. You add your products and maintain it.
Peddler/Information - no shopping cart.

Sherlock Designer program
Designer Plus - We design the website and optimize it for search engines, "lots of bells and whistles" - all you do is add your new products.
Designer Supreme - We design the website and add 25 products. You have complete control. You add your products and maintain it.
Website in an instant - have your website up and running next week.  

Web Design by Sherlock Designs
Connie Sherlock

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