Getting started

How do I get started?
What is a domain name and how do I get one?
Where do I get the backgrounds, etc. for my website?
What kind of pictures should I send?
Where do I send them?
Who writes the descriptions?
What is an "all about me" page?
Where do I get a guestbook, counter, etc.?
Where do I get my shopping cart?
Can I take credit cards?
Now what do I do?
How do I pay for the web design work and what does it cost?
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You have taken the first step by deciding you want a website for your business.  Now it is time to get started.  Write down everything that comes to your mind about what you would like on yours or want it to look like.  Surf the web for sites that you really like and don't like,  write down their url and what you liked or disliked about them.   Now based on your notes make a list of the features you would like to have on yours. Do you have a favorite color that you would like to use?  Do you have a name for your new website?  If not jot down some things that describe what you do, what your product is, your specialty, what you are hoping to convey to your customers.  When you have an idea or a feel for what you might want - call me 620-331-7814, or send me an email with your phone number and give me a time that is convenient for me to call you.  We will discuss what you want and how we are going to achieve it.

A domain name is the name you are giving your website A domain name is the name you are giving your website (such as  Most are .com, but you can also get .net and .biz.  You can register your domain with us for $15 and free set up.

Graphics are included in your package price, unless you pick custom graphics from another artist.  We have a graphic shop with backgrounds and websets, we also have some very fine graphic artists that we use.  Your basic graphic package will include, 2 - 3 backgrounds, navigation buttons, logo and animated banner.  I do not use a lot of graphics because they take too long to load and your customers may leave before your entire page is loaded.  To see some of our graphics visit The Graphic Shop.

The best pictures are digital, but if you have photographs that is fine also.  You can either email them to me or send them in the US mail.  When sending pictures via email only include 1 or 2 per email.  Large files are hard to send and to receive.  If you send photos in the mail I can scan them.  If you send a disk with your information and pictures please pad it well - they are easily broken in the mail.

If you are sending them by US mail please send them to Connie Sherlock, PO Box 332, Independence, Ks 67301.  If you send a disk with your information and pictures please pad it well - they are easily broken in the mail.  If you are sending them in an email send them to

Gather all of the information for each product, name, size, colors, description, order number, etc.  You know your product best, and what you what it to say about your business, so send the information to me in the form you would like to use.  I will edit for phrasing, spelling, etc.  Send the information by email or attachment.  I will also need a list of all the words that describe what your products and your website are.  List every word that you can think of that relates in any way to your product or website.

Most people like to know a little about the person they are buying from and besides that it personalizes your website.  We want your customers to feel welcome and like they are buying from a friend, so I highly recommend an "all about me page".  Be brief, a little about you and your family, how you got started, etc., they want to know you but they don't want to read a book about you.  Also include a picture, if possible.  I know not all of us are "photogenic", 20 something, beautiful, rich and thin.  People will relate to a smiling, cheerful face.

There are many free guestbooks, mailing lists, counters, etc. that you can get.  One of my favorites is from Bravenet.  It is very easy to customize to fit your website and easy to understand. Please go to and sign up for a free account.  When you have received a confirmation email from them please forward it to me.  I will set it up for you and customize each one to look like your website.

If you are wanting to sell products on your website a shopping cart is essential.  We can set it up to take checks, money orders, credit cards or Paypal.  The shopping cart we use is on a secure server which enable customers to put items into a virtual shopping cart and check out when they are through shopping.  Please go to and sign up for a free shopping cart.  When you have received a confirmation email from them please forward it to me.  If you want your password changed please send me an email with the new password.  I will set up each item with a shopping cart and I will customize your shopping cart to look like your website.

I highly recommend that you take credit cards.  More than likely you do not have a merchant account from the bank, but if you do we can use that one.  A very low cost credit card company is Propay.  You "run" your credit cards through them and when the money has been collected you can transfer it into your checking account.  There is a $35 annual fee and then a transaction fee, which is very reasonable.  For more information go to  I do not need this information sent to me.  If you do not have a paypal account, you should have one.  Paypal is a name that online shoppers know and trust, they may not give you their credit card number, but they will use Paypal.  It is easy and convenient.  If you do not have an account go to for more information.  I need to know your account name so I can include it in to the shopping card, I do not need your password or any other information from them.

Sit back and be patient!!  I know it's hard.  I will do my best to get your site up as quickly as possible, so the more information you send me as quickly as possible, the quicker I will be able to finish.  I usually allow 2 - 3 weeks to complete a website.  But the time will vary depending on what you want, when you get everything to me and how busy I am.  When I have the first few pages up I will email you so you can look it over and let me know what you think.  If there is something you don't like I need to know, after all this is your home on the web and you need to be pleased with it.  I will do my best to please you.  After you have decided on the graphics, etc.  I will not change it.  After we have decided on the graphic package any additional changes or graphics there will be an additional fee. 

How much does it cost?  Payments?  We will design a website to fit your needs and budget.  We have a variety of website packages to choose from.  For pricing click here for more information.  We can customize a package for you - tell us what you want and email us for a quote.  We require half of the design fee as a down payment.  Final payment is due within 2 weeks of the completion of your website.  We will not upload your finished site until payment is received. The down payment is not refundable, so please make sure that you are satisfied with our arrangements before we get started.  If you are not pleased with the site, we will do our best to make improvements to satisfy you.  No refunds for services will be refunded.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, checks or money order.  If we have not received your information within 3 months, unless we have made a special arrangement, our contract will be considered null and void and the deposit will not be refunded.

If you have decided to have us design your website please click here for "My To Do List"

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